Housing, Transportation, & Food

Here we provide links and information for all the important aspects of life at Georgetown University: where to live, how to get to and from campus, and where to eat on campus.


Georgetown University does not provide housing for graduate students. However, Student Living has some information on finding housing around campus here. Many students also check Craigslist.com listings for basement apartments close to campus, larger apartments or townhouses with rooms to sublet, or places where you can take over a lease. Apartment searches online are always a good option as well. If living in D.C., it is best to stay within NW neighborhoods. Northern Virginia is a less expensive option, but requires more commute time. The Rosslyn, Courthouse, Crystal City, and Pentagon City neighborhoods of Arlington, VA are excellent options, and Georgetown provides some transportation services (see next section).


It is best to live close enough to campus to walk, but of course that is not always possible. The Georgetown neighborhood of D.C. does not have its own metro station, so the University provides shuttles to and from D.C. Metro stops (Dupont Circle in D.C., Rosslyn in VA), Wisconsin Avenue (D.C.), the Georgetown University Law Center, and certain stops in Arlington, VA (Arlington Loop). For routes and schedules, check the Georgetown University Transportation Shuttles (GUTS) site here. There is no parking on campus for students, and parking near campus is limited and pricey, and time limits are strictly enforced with parking tickets. If you choose to drive, the best option is to pay for a parking garage close to one of the GUTS stops and then ride the shuttle to campus. Another option within D.C. is the Metro Bus system.

On-campus Dining

There are many dining options on campus, including Epicurean and Company, BulldogĀ  Tavern, the Faculty Club Restaurant (for special occasions!), the POD Marketplace, Cosi, Starbucks, Einstein Bros. Bagels, the CORP, and Hoya Court (Elevation Burger, Subway, Salad Creations, and more). For complete listings, locations, and hours of operation, please click here.