Alumni Outcomes

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We are invested in preparing our students to pursue their aspirations, whether they are transitioning to a new career or pursuing an advanced degree. Our students have gone to various fields after earning their M.S. in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology.

Where Do Our Alumni Work and Study?

Meshal Al-Muallimi – Diagnostic Manager
Arsalan Kamran – Research Scientist
Matthew Kefauver – Associate Scientist
Yijia Li – Scientist
Kathy Mather – Senior Scientist
Isabella Tilmont – Scientist – Cancer Biology

Maya Gorgas – Regulatory Analyst
Alexandra Polihrom – Global Clinical Trial Leader

Kerhina George – Biopharm Associate

Jansen Pharma (Johnson & Johnson)
Joanna Moulton – Associate Scientist II

Janice Kim – Director Global Regulatory
Samantha Kistler – Senior Scientist
Albert Pireku – Senior Process Engineer

Meso Scale Diagnostics
Monia Rashid – Senior Research Associate
Abeerah Younus – Senior Research Associate

Millipore Sigma
Majd Ariss – Senior Scientist

Wilson Appiah – Associate Scientist
Mary Sullivan – Site Relations and Excellence Partner

Brian Dugan – Senior Director, NGS
Pooja Khatkar – Scientist – Molecular Biology
Szu-Chi Su – Assay Development Scientist

Thermo Fisher Scientific
James Potter – Manager
Virginia Aragon Sanabria – Scientist III

Georgetown University Medical Center
Ding Dan – Research Specialist, Neurology
Anju Duttargi – Research Specialist, Histopath Core
Dalila Ferrante – Research Specialist, Neurology
Michaeline Hebron – Research Specialist, Neurology
Nusrat Islam – Research Specialist, Biochemistry
Vinona Muralidaran – Clinical Researcher, GUMC Transplant Institute
Tao Yin – Research Specialist, Neuroscience
Ziyao Zhang – Research Specialist, Biochemistry

Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center
Merve Ozge Aktop – Research Tech
Sizhe Chen – Research Tech
Shraddha Divekar – Research Assistant Zhinuo Zhang, Research Specialist, Flow Cytometry Core Facility Anju Duttargi, Research Specialist, Histopathology Core Facility

Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard
Noah Smith – Research Technician

Harvard Medical School
Fan Wu – Research Associate
ChenCheng Zhao – Research Associate

Howard Hughes Medical Institute
YiJun Su – Research Specialist

Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
Eslam Malash – Research Specialist

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
Laxmi Gusain – Senior Research Tech
Rahim Hirani – Research Specialist

Sean Waterton – Research Technician

Northwestern University
Nora Ghabra – Research Tech

Stanford University
Miller Merchant – Research Coordinator

University of Pennsylvania
Mingjie Ying – Research Tech

Weill Cornell Medicine
Poonam Gole – Senior Data Analyst
Hsuan-Pei Lin – Research Tech

National Institutes of Health (NIH)
Rasha Al-Ali – Scientist
Trevar Caldwell – Biochemist
Blondeen Fowler – Research Biochemist
Maria Burgos – Scientist, NIH Vaccine Center
Anita Ginigeme – Lead Clinical Research Associate, NIAID
Christian Gonzalez – Project Manager, NIAID
Selamawit Gossa – Researcher, NCI
Angel Huynh – Biologist, NIDCD
Chinelo Onyiah – Researcher, NCI
Michael Pratt – Associate Scientist II, NIAID
Kristin Ward – Biologist

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
Gloria Inyang – Scientist
Shari Jenkins – Senior Scientist

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Ana Terman – Toxicologist

U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
Redab Alnifaidy – Researcher
Emily Ayuso – Research Analyst
Jackie Cullinan – Research Assistant
Nevien Ismail O’Keeffe – Research Biologist

Walter Reed Army Institute of Research
Kevin Knowlan – Research Assistant

Georgetown University
Reem Aljuhani
Ohoud Al Malki
Nouran Abu Alsaud
Karishma Amin
Joshua Brown-Clay
Charles Hinzman
Parnika Kadam
Samiksha Mahapatra
Manish Moghe
Emma Rowland
Shuo Wang
Kelly Zebrowski
Zhinuo Zhang
Shiya Zhu
Zeeba Manavi
Shu Yang
Armel Fosso Setubi
Andrew Speidell
Charisse Winston
Tumor Biology
Maryam Abdussamad
Reham Ajina
Dajun Lu
Zoe Malchiodi

Baylor College of Medicine
Alexander Herman
Yu-Ju Lee

Case Western Reserve University
My Nguyen
Linda Thomas

George Mason University
Amal AlSufyani
Pooja Khatkar

Indiana University
Megan Noonan
Shruthi Sriramkumar

Johns Hopkins University
Sangwoo Han
Pranay Randad
Margaret Starostik
Weijie Zhao

Penn State College of Medicine
Miaolu Tang

Pennsylvania State University
Hengye Chen
Virginia Aragon Sanabria

Rutgers University
Nuozhou Chen
Raymond Chien
Shraddha Divekar
Siyuan Zhao

University of Arizona
Mengyang Chang
Zekun Liu

University of Colorado Anschutz
Li-Wei Kuo
Hengbou Zhou

University of Florida
Tianqi Li
Ye Zhou

University of Pittsburgh
Sanjana Thosar

University of New South Wales, Australia
Yuan-Yin Chen

University of Wisconsin-Madison
Changyan Zhou

Weill Cornell Graduate School of Medical Sciences
Najla Al-Sweel
Ersilia Barin
Ahmad Cluntun
Richard Garner
Fanying Tang

McGill University, Canada
Sara Bermudez
Yonghong Chen

University of British Columbia, Canada
Khaled Almutairi
Sumaiya Islam

University of Ottowa, Canada
Dalal Alsowaida

University of Toronto, Canada
Wanida Nuwisait

Aarhus University, Denmark
Alex Harvey

Imperial College London, England
Alessandra Lochen

University College London, England
Thamir Eid

University of Oxford, England
Hung-Jen Wu

Ben-Gurion University, Israel
Eric Brandon

Georgetown University School of Medicine (M.D.)
Tina Banzon
Arthur Jurao
Takashi Kitani
Charlee McLean
Sean Mofidi
Kamil Stefanowski (M.D./Ph.D.)

Eastern Virginia Medical School (M.D.)
Claire Evans
Olusola Laja

George Washington University School of Medicine (M.D.)
Lamia Alamri

Howard University College of Medicine (M.D.)
Ifunanya Agbim
Kovosh Dastan
Victor Jolly
Rashida La Barrie

St. George’s University School of Medicine (M.D.)
David Bowman
Joseph Brennan
Ilsen Hernandez
Anita Mazloom

University of Maryland School of Medicine (M.D.)
Zachary Ewart

University of Virginia School of Medicine (M.D.)
Valentina Grajales

Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine (M.D.)
Bharat Balan
Tara Suntum

Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine (D.O.)
Shawn Dziepak
Eden Haile
Sarasi Jayaratne

Career Advancement

Our students and alumni benefit from the services of the Biomedical Graduate Education career office, including one-on-one advising, skills workshops, leadership programs and more to help them take the next step in their professions.

Alumni Profiles

Hung-Jen Wu


Hung-Jen Wu, Ph.D. (’17)

“It felt extremely rewarding for me to learn something new every day and immediately apply that knowledge to my lab work only a few steps away from the lecture hall. I also forged many rock-solid friendships with my classmates and professors that have lasted to this day.”

March 22, 2023

Nevil Khurana


Nevil Khurana

“The program establishes a high level of scientific proficiency while allowing students the flexibility to pursue research interests in line with their future career goals through the research internship.”

January 9, 2023

Zoe Malchiodi


Zoe Malchiodi (’19)

“I wanted to enhance my research background to pursue a PhD and this program definitely put me on the right track. There are so many different courses that allowed me to explore what I was interested in while also providing me a deeper dive into research, biochemistry, and lab techniques.“

June 1, 2020