Research Opportunities

Students in the Biochemistry & Molecular Biology master’s program have access to numerous resources for enriching their research experience.

Lab Training

The program curriculum is designed to provide an experiential and methodological learning environment, laying the groundwork for our students’ future careers in academia and the biotechnology industry. Students gain significant hands-on training experience by performing in-depth lab experiments in various advanced lab-based courses.

Learn about our advanced lab courses: Lab Applications, Cell Culture, Advanced Lab

Faculty and Department Research

The Department of Biochemistry and Molecular & Cellular Biology is one of the largest research clusters at Georgetown University, with more than a dozen labs spanning eight areas of research.

If you are interested in doing your research internship through a department laboratory, you may visit our Faculty & Staff page to learn about our faculty’s research areas and identify potential mentors.

Capstone Internship

Students are matched with senior researchers and principal investigators at Georgetown University Medical Center or in government labs and biotechnology companies in the MD/DC/VA biotechnology corridor for a professional internship.

Biochemistry Students in Action

Cell Culture Applications Labs, Spring 2023

Programmed Cell Death Lab, Fall 2022

Cell Culture Applications Lab, Spring 2022

Programmed Cell Death Lab, Fall 2021

Cell Culture Labs, Spring 2016

Programmed Cell Death Labs, 2015


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Degree Plans

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Capstone Internship

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