Annahita Sarcon (’06)

Annahita Sarcon

Resident, Internal Medicine at Scripps Health, La Jolla, CA

Attending Georgetown University has allowed me to not only accomplish my career goals but also to solidify my lifelong dreams. I enrolled in the Master’s program in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology in 2005 and the opportunities to explore and advance were readily available to me from the start. I was able to obtain prestigious fellowships at NIH and successfully publish my work. In 2008, I was accepted to medical school and pursued my lifelong dream of becoming a physician. This would have been simply impossible without the guidance and support of my mentors at Georgetown University. Aside from professional opportunities, the faculty and staff have been tremendous role models and influences in my personal life as well. My Georgetown family continues to support me until this day and as I embark on my fellowship in Cardiology. I hope to express my gratitude and welcome new members to our family!  

Hoya Saxa!