Lama Alhawas, Ph.D. (’14)

Lama Alhwas

Assistant Professor of Biochemistry, King Saud Abdulaziz University; PhD Graduate, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, Georgetown University

I was honored to join the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular & Cellular Biology in 2013 to pursue an MS in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. I had a very challenging yet rewarding experience that exceeded my expectations. We were offered a comprehensive learning experience that covered all the theoretical and practical aspects of Biochemistry. What I really liked the most is that each student was offered the opportunity to tailor their electives towards their area of interest. I tailored my electives towards a cancer biology concentration, and I was privileged to be exposed to the recent trends and findings in cancer research. Attending the Programmed Cell Death course offered by Dr. Rosenthal made me better appreciate the extensive research done on cancer signaling and the intricately intertwined pathways in which tumor cells evade apoptosis. Each student was encouraged to choose their internship positions based on their area of interest. In my internship, I got to greatly explore the fundamentals of cancer research and apply what I learned in Biochemistry classes to the real world. The faculty here helped me not only to reach my potential but ignited my enthusiasm to dig deeper for knowledge. They also took all initiatives to guide every student on their career paths. Dr. Rosenthal’s main goal was the success of her students and I was able to see that each time I reached out to her for guidance. The faculty and the environment as a whole are very friendly, welcoming and accepting; I must say that I feel very proud to belong here and look forward to the next coming years.