The standard courses for the one-year program (30 credits) are outlined below. MS-Biochem students are required to complete the core courses (19 credits), which are supplemented by elective courses (11 credits). Elective courses can be chosen to complement the core curriculum and the research internship, and can be selected from the department of Biochemistry and Molecular & Cellular Biology or other GUMC departments, MS-Biotechnology program, or from the Consortium of Universities of the Washington Metropolitan Area. If there is a course of particular interest to a student that does not appear on the curriculum elective list, he/she can submit a request to the Program Director to designate the course as an approved elective. The list of required core courses and the pre-approved GUMC electives (credits, semester offered) is shown below.

Required Core Courses (19 credits)

BCHB 513 Core Concepts of Biochemistry and Mol. Biology (4 credits, fall)

or BCHB 511 Fundamentals of Biochemistry (4 credits, fall)

BCHB 508/507 Lab Applications of Biotech (3 credits, spring or fall)

or BCHB 607 Research Applications in Biotechnology (3 credits, spring or fall; course instructor's permission required)

BCHB 526 Core Methods of Biotech (3 credits, spring or fall)
or BCHB 576 Core Methods of Biochemistry (3 credits, fall)

BCHB 515/514 Intro to Bioinformatics (1 credit, spring or fall)

BCHB 536 Applications of Cell Culture in Biotechnology & Medicine (2 credits spring)

Advanced Lecture/Lab (2 credits; choose at least ONE option from below):
  • BCHB 529 Biotech-based Human Diagnostics (2 credits, spring)
  • BCHB 535 Programmed Cell Death (2 credits, fall)
  • BCHB 537 Fermentation & Bioprocessing (2 credits, spring or fall; instructor's permission required)
  • BCHB 707 Advanced Techniques in Biochemistry and Molecular Cell Biology (2 credits; spring; instructor's permission required)
BCHB 910 Biochemistry and Mol. &Cell Biology Internship (4 credits, spring, summer, or fall)
Mandatory Non-Credit Courses
BCHB 539 Basic Radiation and Lab Safety (0 credit, spring or fall)
BCHB 554 Research Ethics and Integrity (0 credit, spring or fall)
BCHB 570 Intro to Biochem Internship (0 credit, spring or fall)
Approved Elective Courses (11 credits required)

Biomedical Focus

BCHB 540 Molecular Basis of Carcinogenesis (3 credits; spring)

BCHB 519 Medical Toxicology (2 credits; fall)

BCHB 545 Essentials of Programmed Cell Death (1 credit; fall; no lab)

BCHB 546 Principles of Tissue Culture (1 credit; spring, no lab)

BCHB 525 Immunobiotechnology (2 credits; spring)

BCHB 517 Pathobiology and Evolution of Diseases (1 credit; spring)

BCHB 522 Drug Target and Design (1 credit; spring)

BCHB 544 Essentials of Biochemistry: Metabolism (1 credit; fall)

BCHB 516 Molecular Medicine (2 credits; spring and fall)

BCHB 531 DNA Repair and Human Therapy  (1 credit; fall; with lab)

BCHB 601 Topics in Biochemistry and Mol Biology (2 credits; fall; instructor's permission required)

BCHB 503-1 Biochemistry Journal Club (1 credit; fall and spring; instructor's permission required)

PBIO 529 Human Nutrition & Health (2 credits; spring)

PBIO 537 Sex Differences: Physiology /Pathophysiology (2 credits; fall)

PBIO 608 Complementary and Alternative Medicine in Oncology (1 credit; spring)

BIST 501 Introductory Biostatistics: Exp Des/Analysis (3 credits; fall)

BCHB 810 Career Development: Workplace Dynamics and Leadership Training (0 credit, spring)

Bioinformatics Focus

BCHB 571 Genomic Sequence Analysis (1 credit; fall)
BCHB 572 Protein Sequence Analysis (2 credits; fall)

BCHB 591 Biomedical Informatics (3 credits; fall)

BCHB 598 Informatics Grandrounds (2 credits; spring and fall)

BCHB 541 Structural Biology (2 credits; spring and fall)
BCHB 596 Clinical Metabolomics (1 credit; spring)
BCHB 582 Proteomics: Mass Spectrometry (1 credit; spring)
BCHB 581 Transcriptomics: Microarray Analysis (1 credit; spring)
BCHB 583 Systems Biology: Pathways & Networks (1 credit)

BCHB 594 Translational Bioinformatics (3 credits; spring)

BCHB 592 Cancer Bioinformatics (1 credit; spring)

Biotechnology Focus

BIOT 509 Intro to Biotechnology (3 credits; fall; instructor's permission required)

BIOT 510 Entrepreneurial Biotechnology (3 credits; spring; instructor's permission required)

BIOT 551 Commercialization for the Biotech Industry (1 credit; spring)

BIOT 512 International Biotechnology (1 credit; spring)
BIOT 543 Current Good Manufacturing Practices for Biotech (1 credit; spring)
BIOT 527 Food Biotechnology (2 credits; spring)
BIOT 550 Management Strategies for Biotech Companies (1 credit; spring)
BIOT 523 Intellectual Property (1 credit; fall)

BCHB 559 New Frontiers in Biotechnology (1 credit; fall)

BIOT 555 Gov't, Science &Tech Management (1 credit; spring)

Cell Biology Focus

CBIO 539 Molecular Cell Biology (4 credits; spring; instructor's permisiion required)

CBIO 562 Molecular Cell Biology- In Depth (2 credits; spring; instructor's permisiion required)

 Microbiology Focus

MICB 524 Emerging & Re-emerging Infectious Diseases (2 credits; spring)
MICB 526 Chemical Threat Agents (3 credits; spring)

MICB 708 Immunogenetics in Health and Disease (2 credits; spring)

MICB 560 Principles and Applications of Drug Discovery (2 credits; spring)

MICB 550 Bioterrorism: Related Diseases (2 credits; spring)
MICB 619 Biology/Biochem of Viruses (3 credits)

MICB 551 Biohaz Threat Agents/Emerging Infect Diseases (1 credit; fall)

MICB 629 Mechanisms of Microbial Pathogenesis (3 credits; spring)

MICB 801 Global Infectious Diseases Seminar (2 credits; spring and fall)

MICB 703 Adv Reg Science & Public Health (2 credits; spring)

Tumor Biology Focus

TBIO 584 Intro to Tumor Biology (1 credit; fall)

TBIO 525 Cancer Genetics (3 credits, fall)
TBIO 571 Pathologic Basis of Cancer (2 credits; spring)
TBIO 514/513 Clinical Conf on Breast Cancer (1 credit; spring and fall)

TBIO 543 Clinical Survey of Human Cancer (1 credit; fall)

TBIO 520 Cancer Prevention, Control, and Epidemiology (3 credits; spring)

TBIO 591 Signal Transduction Journal Club (1 credit; spring)

TBIO 536 Cancer Pharmacology I (4 credits; spring)

TBIO 568 Minority Health and Health Disparities (2 credits; spring)

TBIO 522 Epigenetics (3 credits, fall)

TBIO 567 Clinical and Translational Oncology - Neural Tumors (1 credit; spring)

Neuroscience Focus

NSCI 502 Advances in Cellular &Molecular Neuroscience (2 credits; fall)

NSCI 505 Neuroscience Survey I (2 credits; fall)

NSCI 559 Topics in Neuroimmunology (2 credits; spring)

NSCI 558 Molecular Mechanisms of Neurodegeneration (3 credits; fall)

NSCI 495 Gene Transfer for Neuro Diseases (2 credits; fall)

NSCI 527 Brain Networks & Cognition (2 credits; spring)

NSCI 507 Critical Readings in Neuroscience (1 credits; spring and fall)

Internship (4 credits)

BCHB 910 Biochemistry and Mol. & Cell Biology Internship (4 credits; spring, fall or summer)

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